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Carlos Mesa
Eryn Hall
Tristian Upton
Chris Henderson
Patrick Harrack
Alyssa Kylene
Jackson Montgomery
Taylor Cady
Jake Zimmerman
Kiersten Casey
Michelle Ebrada
Eddie De Las Cuervas
Rhiannon Smith

Complete Flexibility Over Your Schedule

The Florida Atlantic Division is a dedicated affiliate of CUTCO, the world’s finest cutlery. The products are American-Made and Forever Guaranteed. Our representatives are a varied and fun-loving group of talented individuals who embody excellence and share a passion for personal and professional development. We have offices throughout east, central, and north Florida.

Our Positions include:

Positive Culture
Flexible Schedules
Great Income
Training & Development
Scholarships available
Career opportunities

Part time or Full time?

Since 1981, tens of thousands of students have used us as a stepping stone to launch successful careers in a variety of fields.  Whether a student works with us in a management capacity or just develops entry level skills to excel their future career, they know they're building skills for life. 

Our representatives passionately show and demonstrate Cutco products. The position is pretty simple customer service work.  Our reps would be calling clients, setting up appointments with personal referrals and client's recommendations, showing our product line, answering questions, and helping clients place orders.  


Our initial training program and ongoing training meetings are designed to instill confidence in representatives who may have limited work experience.


Good luck in your interview!



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