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The purpose of this page is to help you get more #s!

  • It's NORMAL to not have a lot of #s of adults over 30 y/o when you start out.

  • However, everyone has acquaintances, family friends, and connections that they can definitely book, but they don't have the phone #s! Here is how to get the phone #s.

  •  Risk VS Reward

    • What's the worst thing that can happen? (someone says 'no')

    • What's the best thing that can happen?

  • Have a "How Can I?" mentality instead of a "Why Can't I?" mentality.

  • You're not bothering anyone! This called Networking. It's a valuable skill. As a matter of fact, the busier and the more successful people that you might be afraid to call are the ones that appreciate a young adult working hard and developing these networking skills.

  • Not all of these categories might be good for YOU. Focus on the ones that are!

  • You do not want to call recommendations until taught by a manager! (unless you personally know that referral)

  • WE DO NOT EXPECT YOU TO DO EVERY STEP IN THIS LIST! Especially all within your first few days This is a lot of information that can take a while. This is a resource you can use to build up a lot of #s while you're new. However, nothing is stopping you from using every resource here! Doing so will help you achieve great results sooner and set you up to book a lot of appts! 

  • Think of yourself as a farmer. The more crops you plant, the bigger your harvest! You don't get paid per crop you plant as you plant them. But when you sell your harvest is when you'll have the big payoff!

  • Having 40 numbers to call on VectorImpact before any phone jam is the safety net target. 100 is the big target to shoot for!

  • It's recommended that you write all of these down (or put in an excel sheet). THEN, upload all into VectorImpact! Uploading into VectorImpact might seem like the tedious step, but WELL WORTH IT. Here's a review video of how to: CLICK HERE

Thought Joggers Exercise

(make-up video from Advanced Training)

Asking parent (or any loved one over 30 years old!)

ie, grandparents, close aunts/uncles, etc.

Even if your parents gave you some already, if you were to go through their whole contact list, there's a LOT you could get!

Getting Permission: “Mom/Dad, I still need to brainstorm for married homeowners I can do practice presentations with for my new job. Like I said, I get $15 just for doing the appointment so nobody has to get anything. No one even has to be interested, they just have to be over 30 years old. The more I get, the more it helps, so I'm looking for as many as possible! The numbers stay only with me and as long as they're over 30 and don't college kids, I can get paid just to practice! I was hoping you could put me on speaker and go through your phone and read me everyone you could over 30 y/o?” (You may also walk through their phone with them so you know who is a married homeowner)

  • If parents have questions about brainstorming people: Make sure they know you get paid just to do it so there is no pressure at all, and that the numbers stay just with you. The more practice appointments you do, the more money you will make, the more confidence you’ll get and the more referrals you will have to do more appointments, and it gives you great communication/presentation experience.

  • Additional questions / concerns: have them go to!

Parents' Social Media (or social media of any loved one over 30 y/o)



My son is working with CUTCO and he gets paid to show it face-to-face or online for out of area people. There's no pressure to get anything because he gets paid to show it. He can also win scholarships for school through the company. Let me know if you would be willing to help him out by messaging me. Thank you!

Direct Message to Mom's Friends:

Hey ___. This is ________________. I am _______________'s son and I am attending the University of ____________ as an (major) student. The company that I'm working for offers scholarships to help me pay for school. My assignment is to book appointments with people to show a product called Cutco and get their opinion on it. You don't have to get anything, I get paid just to show it, and it can all be done online and over the phone. In order to stay on track for my scholarship/goals, I need to do 10 appointments per week. It's fun and easy and takes less than an hour. 

What day this week would work best for you? It would really help me out! I look forward to hearing back from you! :)

Linked In:

  • Create an account on LinkedIn

  • Find your parents page! (ask them for their Linked In address if they know it)

  • On the top of their page, next to “send a message”, it will say how many “connections” they have (you’ll be surprised, usually in the few HUNDREDS!)

  • Click on the link for connections and a list of all the people they are connected with will pop up

  • Write down all their connections first and last names

  • Ask your parents for their names and numbers

  • If your parents don’t have some of their numbers, they can try going onto their Linked nI and clicking “contact info” on each of their connections

  • If their contact info isn’t listed, go back to and look for them there! :)

Asking friends for parent's number

Message them to collect their parent's number

  • “Hey _____! Hope all is well. (Okay to personalize) I have a really quick question but it’s too long to type. Can I call?" (SM message: "Can I have your number and give you a quick call?")

Call (or Text)

  • Hey _______, I need you to do me a quick favor. I’m calling all of my friends right now.

  • I started this new job and I’m in this huge contest to earn a scholarship.

  • All I have to do is this really quick presentation for people and get their opinion on something.

  • It’s pretty easy to do, but I have to see people that are over 30 and own a home. I was thinking your parents fit that description. I have to actually call them and ask them personally about it. Even if they’re too busy to do it, that’s fine. It helps me just to call them and ask them about it.

  • So who’s easier to talk to, your mom or your dad? Cool, let me get her/his number real quick. It would really help me out. Thanks a lot! Ok I gotta go, but I really appreciate it. This helps a ton!



  • “I’ll Text You Their Number”

No worries! I have a pen and paper in front of me so I can just write it down real quick.

  • “Are You Selling Something?”

Yes, but what’s cool about it is that they don’t have to buy anything so it’s no pressure at all. Whether I actually sit down with them or I just talk to them over the phone for 60 seconds, it still helps. Don’t worry, I promise I won’t bother them. It’s really fun actually. So can you help me out?

  • “Let Me Ask Them First”

That’s okay. But, like I said, I’m really supposed to talk to them myself to compete for the scholarship. I wouldn’t be doing this if I thought I was going to bug your parents. It won’t take a lot of time, and I’m sure they won’t be mad at you for helping your friend. So can you help me out?

  • “They’re Really Busy” or “I’m Not Sure They Would Want To”

No big deal. Worse thing that could happen is they say “no” and then it still helps me towards the contest. It takes literally 60 seconds for me to talk to them on the phone, so it won’t take up too much of their time. So can you help me out?

  • “What’s The Presentation About?”

I’m just demonstrating some cool kitchen stuff. Like I said, it’s really easy and they don’t have to commit to seeing it or buying anything, I just have to call and ask them. If they say they’re busy then no big deal. So can you help me out?


  • Ask when the best time of day is to call their parents (makes phone time easier)

  • Have friend give their parents a heads up to let them know you’ll be calling (online phone book) 

  • Use this website to look up phone #s that you otherwise couldn't find from someone else!

  • This is an online phonebook. Understand that for the generation of people we're calling, this is normal! Back in the day, we used to use physical phone books before cell phones.

  • Not EVERYONE will have their home # here.

  • Watch this video for how to effectively utilize (for free):

  • Alternative sites to try if you didn't find # on white pages -- & (this one usually has cell phone too!)

Go back to school (teachers and friends)


  • On Google, search for your high school's website
    - Once on the website, find the “Faculty & Staff” page
    - Write down the first and last name of EVERY teacher you knew
    - Go to and type in their name and city your high school is located in
    - Look for the unshaded name (shaded are usually adds!), that says “Address, Phone, View Full Profile” (see picture)

  • Write down their phone numbers on your new list!
    - about 40% of people will have their numbers listed (don’t worry theres a second step for people whose numbers aren’t listed!)

  • For the ones without their phone numbers listed, or that you cannot find go BACK to the school's website and find their email address

  • Send them the following email. If you knew them well you can always personalize it but the shorter the better. No one wants to read a long drawn out email!

subject: student from (graduation year) important question! please respond ASAP

Hey (their name)! I don’t know if you remember me but I went to school at (schools name) and graduated in (graduation year), I was in your (subject) class! I was trying to get in touch with you because I had a quick question about something I’m working towards a scholarship and I was hoping you could help me out. What’s the best phone number to reach you at and a good time of day to call? Looking forward to talking to you, (your name)

Find your Yearbook

  • Find your yearbook!!! If you don’t have a yearbook, reach out to a friend that graduated around the same time as you and use theirs
    - Write down all your friends or acquaintances, teachers, or guidance counselors names
    - Go to and type in their name and city your high school is located in

  • Look for the unshaded name (shaded are usually adds!), that says “Address, Phone, View - Full Profile”

  • Write down their phone numbers on your new list!

  • Social Media is a great tool to use for messaging (see example under "parent social media" for message to adults and "asking friends for mom's number" to peers

Private School   -   Find a directory. It has all the parent numbers in it!


Method 1​: Look up phone numbers

Method 2: Note cards​

  • Hand write as many note cards as possible to get out to everyone in the neighborhood (recommended to just write out one card and photo-copy that)

  • Put out to AS MANY house as possible in the neighborhood!

  • Note example: "Hi! My name is ____, I live over on the corner of ____ & ____. I'm a ____ student over at _____ and I wanted to see if you could help me out with a scholarship I'm working on with school! I know you're probably super busy but I promise I won't take up too much your time :). If you could call or text me as soon as you can, I'd really appreciate it!!! Thank you so so much! 

             - Name, Phone #

Tyler Kaplan neighboorhood note card.jpg

Post on NextDoor App

Hi everyone!


My name is _____, I live on the corner of _____ and _____. I’m a _____ student over at _____! I I’m working with Cutco and I get paid to do a quick presentation. I get paid to show it so there's no pressue to get anything, and I can win scholarships for school through the company.  If you already have it, we can set up a time to help out with servicing! Here’s my contact info if you’d like to hear more, if you’re looking for something you can do during this quarantine, or if you’re not happy with your current kitchen stuff!

    Name, Phone #

Make a TimeLine for all groups and organizations that you've been a part of

  • Do a personal brainstorm exercise for this one. List every group, event, organization, private lessons, etc.

    • Look at your resume, or anywhere that lists your previous experience and activities

    • Check out how cool you are!

    • Now think, who did you meet while doing all these cool things you did in your past? Who were the volunteer coordinators? The church directors? The supervisors?

    • Who worked with you at your previous jobs?

    • Write down all the people you can think

  • For each organization (Church, clubs, volunteer organizations, bands, sports, fraternity/sororities), find the organization website

    • These websites have a list of people in that organization and sometimes their phone #. 

    • If the phone # isn't on the site, use social media or to find it.


    • Especially church and private schools!​

  • Look them up on social media! (or

    • Write down their phone numbers on your new list!

  • Here's an example email you can send:

"Hey (their name)! I don’t know if you remember me but (how you know them). I was trying to get in touch with you because I had a quick question about something I’m working towards a scholarship and I was hoping you could help me out. What’s the best phone number to reach you at and a good time of day to call? Looking forward to talking to you, (your name)"

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