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Training Resources

How to set up Zoom
  • Go to and log in with your credentials (or create your own free Zoom account).

  • Go to “Profile” and scroll down to the section that says “Meeting.”

  • Go “Personal Meeting” and click on “Edit” on the right-hand side.

  • Check the box and hit “Save.”

  • Click on “Edit” again and copy the number that is listed.

  • Go back to the Interactive Demo site and go to the top right profile icon.

  • Scroll down and you can enter your Zoom link in this format: (insert your personal 10-digit Meeting ID number).

  • Hit “Save Details” at the bottom right.

  • Passcode issues?

    • Go to the Meeting tab.

    • Click on “Personal Room.”

    • Select “Show” and copy your passcode.

  • Want to customize your passcode?

    • Go to the Meeting tab.

    • Click on “Personal Room.”

    • Go to “Edit” on the bottom and change your passcode.

    • Scroll down and hit “Save.”

How to start an appointment
  • Step 1: Go to

  • Step 2: Pull up paper and pen for notes and deals

  • Step 3: Pull up your goals page

  • Step 4: Call the customer on time

  • Step 5: Send your Zoom link and pass code if you haven't already

  • Step 6: Go to your Zoom app and click to start a meeting

  • Step 7: When the customer joins, screen share the demo site

Apps for your phone
  • VectorImpact

    • Used to phone jam , book appointments, and receive recommendations​

  • MyCutcoRep (this is for the customers only; available in the app stores)

    • Customer's version of the app for recommendations (highly recommend downloading it so you know how to troubleshoot them)​

  • Cutco Orders (available in the app stores)

    • One way to input orders (mobile & web version available)

    • Use login


    • The demo, phone approach, verification form, ways to find more numbers, recommendation approach, files/videos for reference​


    • Many of the resources from the demo along with the acquaintance approach under "Advanced" and "Phone"​


    • Different account credentials than VectorImpact; you must create a new account

    • Web version of Cutco Orders, Cutco resources, payment info, etc.

  • BACK-UPS (in case of any tech issues)

    • Facebook, Skype, or Google Hangouts (best options; screensharing ability)

    • FaceTime, WhatsApp video

    • Phone call

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