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Congratulations on being accepted for the Vector Marketing Sales Training Seminar.

Our training is focused on building “Skills for Life,” such as time management and interpersonal communication skills, which will help you now and throughout your career. Whether your plan is to go into medicine, STEM, law, entrepreneurship, etc., the skills our reps learn are invaluable. Almost every career involves consultations, the selling of some concept or idea, and the necessity to be able to understand and influence others.

Our business philosophy is simple: “In order to succeed, we must first help others to succeed.” Therefore, you can look forward to working with people who are genuinely interested in your progress. With our low key, relaxed approach to showing high quality products, the training seminar will build your confidence and understanding of the selling process.

If you are a student, here is a link that is for your parents (or family with questions):

In today's day and age, it's important to always look at credible sources. Check out what these companies have to say!

     WallStreet Journal

     Business Insider

     Yahoo! News

     USA Today (Our CEO ranked #27 nationally)

     Interview with our CEO on our growth during COVID Pandemic

Click here for our "Quick Facts" Document to review the position details described in the interview

In preparation for training, please complete these simple assignments:

1.    Please Take CVI Test (5 minute test to tell us your best learning style). --> CLICK HERE

          - Take a picture or screenshot of your results and text it to the office line.

2.    Brainstorm adults over 30 years old for your first training appointments!

  • One of the perks of the Vector/CUTCO program is the ability to practice your presentation with people you already know. This gives you an opportunity to work on your presentation skills in a comfortable environment while showing off some great products!

  • Attached at the bottom is an example sheet that you can use to write down the names/#s. You do NOT turn this in, and the information stays completely with you! However, we will book our first appointments in training. Have a minimum of 30 numbers. However, most of our reps get 30-50 #s, which is the suggested amount. Our top reps come in with 100+. 

  • Most college students do not have many phone numbers for people over 30 years old. Our best recommendation is to talk to mom, dad, or whoever your biggest supporters is. Here's an example on how to explain:

    • Getting Permission: “Mom/Dad, I need to brainstorm for married homeowners I can do practice presentations with for my new job. The numbers stay only with me and as long as they're over 30 and don't college kids, I can get paid just to practice! Could I borrow your cell phone to help me with that?” (You may also walk through their phone with them so you know who is a married homeowner)

    • If parents have questions about brainstorming people: Make sure they know you get paid just to do it so there is no pressure at all, and that the numbers stay just with you. The more practice appointments you do, the more money you will make, the more confidence you’ll get and the more referrals you will have to do more appointments, and it gives you great communication/presentation experience.

3.    Attached at the bottom is a document called "Information Packet". This is a collection of articles of 3rd party sources, including letters from Cutco alumni such as Travis Kalanick (founder of Uber) and Mary Beck (Executive with ESPN). You are not expected to read the whole document, but go ahead and skim some articles in it.

CLICK HERE for Names/Numbers Template

CLICK HERE for Supplemental Information Packet

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