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New Recruits

This is a step-by-step process on starting with the Lone Star Events Team. Make sure to complete all the following tasks below and you’ll start off the right way.

— Have all these completed before 1st Team Meeting —


Step #1: Order Sharpeners & Admin on VectorConnect

  • Item #82 Sharpener (Cutco Orders - Non-Customer Orders - Buy Cutco Samples)


  • Item #FS102 Ed Reed Sharpener (Cutco Orders - Non-Customer Orders - Cutco Events Literature Order)

  • Item #L17 - Cutco Events Order Form (pack of 50)

  • Item #L419 - In-Home Sharpening Form (pack of 50)

  • Item #L281 - Cutco Events Notepad (50 duplicate sheets)

  • Item #L74 - Guarantee/DD Edge Sheet (laminated)

  • Item #L355 - Family Program Brochure (laminate when it arrives)

  • Item #L356 - Upgrade Program Brochure (laminate when it arrives)


Step #2: Print & Read Through (& Start Memorizing)

  • New Customer Approach

  • Cutco Owner Approach


Step #3: Listen to the Following Audios & Take Notes

  • New Customer Role Play (50 Minutes)

  • Cutco Owner Role Play (37 Minutes)

Step #4: Bring 3+ New Events to Training

  • CLICK HERE for Tips on Finding New Events!

  • For each event, please complete the following steps:

    • ​Confirm that the event you are submitting isn’t currently listed on the Events Show Schedule

    • Email the promoter (company or individual responsible for hosting the event) using the following email template:

      • To Whom it May Concern,
        My name is Colin Sharpe and I am representative of CUTCO Cutlery. I am interested in being a vendor at your event on January 21-24, however, I would like to get some information before sending in an application.
        1) Has Cutco ever worked this event before?
        2) How many people attended this event last year?
        3) How long have you been running this event? 
        4) How much does it cost to be a vendor?
        I understand that this may be short notice but I would appreciate a timely response. Once I receive answers to my questions, one of my administrators will reach out to you for application processing.
        If you could also please include an application for your event with your response that would be greatly appreciated!
        Thank you,

    • Receive confirmation that the promoter has space available for us at their event.

    • Forwarded the email response to the template above with the event application to


If you have any questions/concerns in the process of completing these tasks, please email us at:

Finding New Events

Add to Your Kit

Finding New Events
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