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Welcome to the Dream Team!

With our dynamic partnership, we are one team!

Our mission is to develop great leaders by marketing a world-class product!

Our product changes the customer's experience in the kitchen forever and our programs teach our representatives life skills that last forever as well.


Office Schedule

What do we have and expect during the week? Are there any events coming up? Check here to see what we offer!


Need numbers? Look no further. This website can help you find more. Ask your manager for help on how to start!

Advanced Demo

Use advanced techniques to get your average order up, get more recommendations, and find other resources!


Need to change your payment info, access the Interactive Demo, find Cutco resources, or see details about orders? Go here!

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  1. Coaching calls

  2. Paycheck meetings

  3. Wednesday team meetings

Coaching Calls

We expect you to get a few coaching calls per week with a manager. These are quick calls, less than 10 minutes, so that we can make sure that you're hitting your goals, answering questions, and helping you improve. We expect a rep to book a coaching call for each day they are doing appointments.

Schedule Gainesville Coaching Call

Schedule Brevard Coaching Call

Schedule Lake County Coaching Call

Schedule Destin Coaching Call

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Paycheck Meetings

Your team captain will reach out to you to set one up. Everyone gets one paycheck meeting each week in order to review results, your upcoming paycheck, and plan out your schedule. This is extremely important! You will have a 1-on-1 Zoom with your team captain. No paycheck meeting = no paycheck.

Please have this form filled out before your paycheck meeting (also found in the WhatsApp chat description).

If you don't have a planner, use this suggested template.

dollar sign.jpeg

Team Meeting (Wed. 6-9:30pm)


This is the main event of the week! We will do recognition, phone calls, and always teach something. This is critical for success. Unless stated otherwise, the Zoom would be on Joe's Zoom:

Optionally, we have a team night in afterwards for some type of game or fun activity for team camaraderie!

Invite-only Key Staff Meeting (Wed. 5-6pm)

Our Key Staff is a special group of reps that have their fundamentals down are are consistent every week. We run a Zoom every Wednesday 5-6pm for our Key Staff and any up-and-coming reps that we invite. We have guest speakers who are District/Divisional Managers and Career Sales Professionals (many are in the Hall of Fame) go over advanced topics on sales and life skills.


Sign up for any workshop to participate in a virtual working station!

You will be learning, booking appointments, and growing your business! We expect most reps to sign up for 2+/week. The bigger your income and appt goal, the more you'll need to sign up for.

                                                    --> CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR MORNING WORKSHOPS <--

                                                    --> CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR EVENING WORKSHOPS <--

Morning Workshops
Evening Phone Jams
Fri., June 20
Book It
Thu., June 19
Book It
Sat., June 28
Book It
Wed., July 6
Book It
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Coaching Calls
Paycheck Meetings
Meet the Staff
Division Manager: Trey Harris (FL Atlantic ELITE)
District Managers:
Ashley Rodríguez (Brevard Bosses)
Joe Ciurca (Gainesville Grind)
Corrin Flajole (Destin Dynamite)
Libby Rodríguez (Lake County Legacy)
Branch Managers:
Aline Lopez (Lake City Royals)
Zariya Smith (Titusville Tornadoes)
District Op. Manager: Kayla Zavac
Career Sales Professional Team:
Alex Couture
Connor Rowlings
Tyler Heverly
Tyler Silver
David Young
Asst Manager Team:
*Head AMs: Caitlyn Johnson, Gigi Miron, Shelley Handy
*AMs: Maci Raulerson, Angel Rodríguez, Noah Pittman, Jason McCune
Key Staff:
Belinda Quintana
Aashah Jackson
Jaden Cole?
Record Breakers

Biggest Order:

Tyler Heverly $6,042

Most Recs/Appt:

Belinda Quintana 228

Biggest Week:

Jessica Cooke $8,008

Biggest Push:

Tyson Ellis $20,172
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