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Tips For Scheduling First Weekend Appointments:

  • Don’t over-emphasize Cutco on the phone! The purpose of your call is to schedule an appointment. Cutco is incredible but they won’t understand how great it is until they see it!

  • Speak directly to who you want to schedule: Don’t relay messages through friends!

  • Don’t text to set up initial appointments: Not very professional / leads to miscommunication. Create the right habits and call!

  • Speak with the wife on the phone: Target customer and easier to schedule!

  • Stress the fact that it’s not a question of buying or selling:

    • Many people will tell you: “You can show me, but I’m not going to buy anything.” Respond by saying: “That’s okay. I get paid anyway and I need as many appointments as possible.”

  • Always give a choice of two times:

    • Correct: “What time is better for you, ___ or ___?” or “What day is better, ______ or _____?”

    • Incorrect: “When can I show you?” or “Do you want to see my presentation?”

  • Set up a specific time: Tentative appointments generally fall through.

  • Schedule appointments 90 minutes apart: At first, it takes longer because you’re new and you know them well!

  • Not everyone will answer their phone: Use the 4:1 rule— for every 4 phone calls, 1 person will pick up. If you want to schedule 5 appointments, make 20 calls! 10 appointments = 40+ calls....

  • Text if No Answer: “Hi, it’s _______, ______’s (son, daughter, friend)! I have a quick question. Are you available?”

  • Cutco owners are the best prospects: Always schedule appointments with Cutco owners.

  • Call in waves! Customers are home at different times of the day and night. Split up your phone time throughout the day to reach more customers. (3 waves generally leads to a full schedule).

  • Eliminate distractions— make sure you are in a quiet place when you phone.

  • Phoning = Working. Once your appointments are set, you’re done “working”— now it’s time to have fun and do some demos!

  • Urgency: Let your customer know that you are committed to your goal and you have a deadline!

  • Importance: Let your customer know how important your demo is to you. They will see you right away and they won’t reschedule on you last minute!


• Hi ___________, this is ____________. How are you? (Build Rapport / catch up for a bit)

• Well, the reason I’m calling is I just started a great, new job showing Cutco.

• As part of my training, I’m required to put on some initial training appointments.

(Smile) So you don’t have to get anything, because I get paid just to show it. I do presentations right over the phone, you just need to be in front of a laptop or computer at home.

• I want to do (GOAL #) appointments by midnight on (Deadline Day - 3 days out) to hit my goal.

• So I wanted to know if I could schedule a call on (DAY) at (TIME) or would (TIME) be better for you?




  • Great _____________! THANK YOU SO MUCH! This REALLY helps me out!

  • This appointment is really important to me and I’m counting on it to keep my schedule booked.

  • If something comes up and you have to reschedule, I won’t get paid for this time slot, so I wanted to be 100% SURE that this time definitely works for you?

  • Do you have a pen and your calendar? I'll wait! Just let me know when you are ready.

    Could you please jot it down? (Name/Date/Time)
    Can your spouse be there too? It would REALLY help a lot!
    Can you also write down the confirmation number in case my manager asks? Confirmation #: 3599

  • One more quick thing; can I get your email so I can send you the zoom and demo link?

  • Thank you so much! I’m really looking forward to our demo!






What Is CUTCO?:

Cutco is a line of high-quality kitchen cutlery and a few outdoor items. I’m sure you already have tons of knives, but I get paid just to show it to you! So, would ____ or _____ be better for you?



I Already Own CUTCO:

That’s great! How do you like it? (pause). Awesome, well like I said, I am doing it for the training and I’d love to get your opinion and maybe some pointers. Plus, I get paid anyway. So, would ____ or _____ be better for you?



That Time Doesn’t Work or I’m Really Busy:

No problem, I’m really busy too, but I really need to do ____ appointments by _______, and I can make sure to keep it short. Is that a bad day or just a bad time? So, how about __________ at _____ or would __________ at _____ be better?



How Long Does It Take?:

Not too long at all, my part is about 45-60 minutes. After that, it’s up to you. So, which time would be best for you, __________ at ______ or __________ at _______?






  • It's NORMAL to not have a lot of #s of adults over 30 y/o when you start out. Here are simple ways to get more #s!

  • Risk VS Reward --> What's the worst thing that can happen? (someone says 'no')​..... What's the best thing that can happen?

  • You're not bothering anyone! This is called Networking. It's a valuable skill. As a matter of fact, the busier and the more successful people that you might be afraid to call are the ones that appreciate a young adult working hard and developing these networking skills.

  • Not all of these categories might be good for YOU. Focus on the ones that are!

  • Think of yourself as a farmer. The more crops you plant, the bigger your harvest! You don't get paid per crop you plant as you plant them. But when you sell your harvest is when you'll have the big payoff!


Getting Permission:


“Mom/Dad, I still need to brainstorm for married homeowners I can do practice presentations with for my new job. Like I said, I get $15 just for doing the appointment so nobody has to get anything. No one even has to be interested, they just have to be over 30 years old. The more I get, the more it helps, so I'm looking for as many as possible! The numbers stay only with me and as long as they're over 30 and don't hate college kids, I can get paid just to practice! I was hoping you could put me on speaker and go through your phone and read me everyone you could over 30 y/o?” (You may also walk through their phone with them so you know who is a married homeowner)

  • If parents have questions about brainstorming people: Make sure they know you get paid just to do it so there is no pressure at all, and that the numbers stay just with you. The more practice appointments you do, the more money you will make, the more confidence you’ll get and the more referrals you will have to do more appointments, and it gives you great communication/presentation experience.

  • Additional questions/concerns: have them go to!



Parent Post:

My (son/daughter) is working with CUTCO and he/she gets paid to show it face-to-face or online for out of area people. There's no pressure to get anything because he/she gets paid to show it, and can also win scholarships for school through the company. Let me know if you would be willing to help him out by messaging me. Thank you!

Direct Message to Mom's Friends:

Hey ___. This is ________________. I am _______________'s son and I am attending the University of ____________ as an (major) student. The company that I'm working for offers scholarships to help me pay for school. My assignment is to book appointments with people to show a product called Cutco and get their opinion on it. You don't have to get anything, I get paid just to show it, and it can all be done online and over the phone. In order to stay on track for my scholarship/goals, I need to do 10 appointments per week. It's fun and easy and takes less than an hour.

What day this week would work best for you? It would really help me out! I look forward to hearing back from you! :)



  • Use this to look up phone #s that you otherwise couldn't find from someone else!

  • This is an online phonebook. Understand that for the generation of people we're calling, this is normal! Back in the day, we used to use physical phone books before cell phones.

  • Not EVERYONE will have their home # here.

  • Watch this video for how to effectively utilize (for free):

  • Alternative sites to try if you didn't find # on white pages -- & (this one usually has cell phone too!)

Set Up Zoom
  • Go to and log in with your credentials (or create your own free Zoom account).

  • Go to “Profile” and scroll down to the section that says “Meeting.”

  • Go “Personal Meeting” and click on “Edit” on the right-hand side.

  • Check the box and hit “Save.”

  • Click on “Edit” again and copy the number that is listed.

  • Go back to the Interactive Demo site and go to the top right profile icon.

  • Scroll down and you can enter your Zoom link in this format: (insert your personal 10-digit Meeting ID number).

  • Hit “Save Details” at the bottom right.

  • Passcode issues?

    • Go to the Meeting tab.

    • Click on “Personal Room.”

    • Select “Show” and copy your passcode.

  • Want to customize your passcode?

    • Go to the Meeting tab.

    • Click on “Personal Room.”

    • Go to “Edit” on the bottom and change your passcode.

    • Scroll down and hit “Save.”

  • Step 1: Go to

  • Step 2: Pull up paper and pen for notes and deals

  • Step 3: Pull up your goals page

  • Step 4: Call the customer on time

  • Step 5: Send your Zoom link and pass code if you haven't already

  • Step 6: Go to your Zoom app and click to start a meeting

  • Step 7: When the customer joins, screen share the demo site

Your virtual Cutco Demo is scheduled for (day), (date), at (time), and the attached link is how you will be able to reach my Zoom. Thank you so much for helping me out towards my goals, and I look forward to speaking with you soon!
Meeting ID: 


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