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  • Mrs. ________, how did you like my presentation?

  • There's one more VERY important part.

  • Here’s where you can REALLY help me out.

  • I get paid every time I show Cutco, but I can ONLY show it to people I’ve been personally recommended to.

  • So what I REALLY need you to do is to just jot down 2 - 300 people who MIGHT be nice enough to take a look.

  • Just kidding! 20 is fine!

  • I’m not looking for people who you think would buy, just people who MIGHT take a look.

  • Here’s how you can help become a SPONSOR….

    • Once you give me 20, you’ll be a DOUBLE SPONSOR

    • But if you only give me 10, you’ll still be a SINGLE SPONSOR

    • Once I get 50 sponsors, the company will give a $150 merchandise award (enough to buy a textbook)

  • Actually, the app you downloaded is designed to be a huge time saver for both of us for this part!

  • It allows you to send me introductions straight through the app so anyone you recommend automatically syncs with my phone. That way you don't need to take the time to type them all out one at a time and email them.

  • This is much easier, and of course, I'll only be able to see the contacts you send me. At the bottom of the screen, you'll click the “Share” button, then hit “Okay to Share Contacts." Then it lets you select those 300 people you wanted to refer me to ;)

  • It is going to take me at least 5 minutes to [enter your order / check out of the appointment].

  • Check as many as you can and just let me know when you're finished before you click the Share button at the bottom.

  • Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help with this!


Sponsorship Form




“I always like to know a little more about these people before I reach out. Is it okay if I ask a few more questions?”

  • Who on here is MARRIED?

  • Who on here is a HOME-OWNER?

  • What does each person do for a living?

  • If you were me...who would you go see first?



3 STAR = Home-owner, Married, and Good Job

2 STAR = only have one of the 2 of those 3

1 STAR = only 1 of those 3


If the customer has the time, ask these additional qualifying questions: (helps with prospecting)

  • How do you know each person here?

  • Who is best to call in the daytime and in the evening?

  • What area of town does each person live in?




"It’s a lot easier when people know I’m calling! You can click the "INTRODUCE" button next to each person you checked to send them a heads up text!"


(Don't group text -- either send individually or turn group texting off)

Example Texts if not doing on the app:

Student Text:

  • “Hey, this nice college student named ____ will be giving you a call. He/she goes to school at _______ and he/she’s working on a scholarship with Cutco. He/she gets credit for showing it, so I told him/her you probably wouldn’t mind helping him/her out. It’s a lot of fun! So he/she will be giving you a call! :)”

Non-Student Text:

  • “Hi! Just wanted to let you know that ______, my Cutco guy/girl, will be giving you a call. He/she is working toward a sponsorship with Cutco. He/she gets credit for showing it, so I told him/her you probably wouldn’t mind helping him/her out. It’s a lot of fun! So he/she will be giving you a call! :)”



“Mrs. Jones, I have found that a lot of people have more friends on Facebook than on their phones, so I am trying to work on my social media marketing and advertising too. So I would LOVE if you wouldn't mind putting a post up for me introducing me to your Facebook friends. I will send you a template of what you would post and I will also send you a photo of me. So, all you will do is post a photo and a template as an introduction of me and it will say if anyone is willing to help me out they can like or comment below. Would you be nice enough to put that post up? It would mean the world to me!

Great! I will send you a friend request now and send you the template and the photo. You can also tag me in the post with the @ since we are friends now!”




______ is working really hard towards a scholarship and every appointment he/she makes helps him/her towards his/her goal. It’s a simple presentation over the computer for Cutco. The great thing is that you are under no obligation to purchase anything, it helps him/her either way! (and it’s quite fun)


If you think you might be able to help him/her, please comment below, LIKE this post, OR message her directly (@_____) so he/she can contact you.

Please make sure to reach out and help this hardworking student! He/She's a sweetheart...... BTW :)


  • Ideas for the customer: Address book, cell phone, directory

  • Thought joggers: Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Lookers, not buyers!

  • Who do you know who...? Loves to cook, has a lot of kids, BBQs, etc...

  • Thank your Customer and ask for more! “Thank you so much _______, you have no idea how much this helps me out! If you can give me ___ more, you’ll become a (sponsor / double sponsor)!



I’ll Email Them to You Later:

That would be awesome (Name) ! I appreciate you wanting to help me. However, I know you're REALLY BUSY & I’d hate to add anything else to your plate after this. And, without referrals, I can’t do any more demos. BTW as a reminder, they don’t have to buy ANYTHING. So, if we could start with just 5-10 off the top of your head now, and then send me the rest later it would really help me out. So, who are a few people that you think are nice?


Don’t Know That Many People:

That’s totally fine. I really appreciate you thinking of people who MIGHT buy, but I get paid just to show it. They don’t have to book the appointment or do it, just getting the names helps! So, let’s just start with a couple and we can come up with more later! So how about your... (thought joggers)


Don’t Like to Give Out People’s Names / I’ll Get Back to You:

  • I completely understand! I’d feel the same way if I thought I was giving my friends’ information to a random company. I do want to let you know that the names and numbers only stay with me.

  • I’ll treat all your friends and family with the same amount of respect I treated you with!

  • All I’m looking for is an introduction! (Lampshade, closet analogy)

  • They can always say no to me and that’s no big deal! You won’t lose a friendship over a 30-second call!

  • I feel way more comfortable calling when they’re expecting my call. So I have a text message that I’ll give you that you can send to anyone you recommend. If anyone is opposed, just let me know and I’ll cross them off!

  • So who do you know that could be nice enough to hear me out, especially with the text heads up?


I’ll email them to you later / Leave the Sheet With Me to Fill Out:

(Although most customers mean well, it is extremely unlikely that they will send you referrals later)

Sure no problem, however since I know you’re so busy, I’d hate to ask you to work on this while you’re running your house, at work, or taking care of your kids. Can we come up with 5-10 right now and we can get the rest later? How about your ... (Offer thought jogger)

Last Resort...

Ask Again and Smile!

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