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Together we can help bring families back to the table and create memories for generations to come!

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Cutco at Home's Kings & Queens Team

The King & Queens Team of Cutco At Home is a dedicated affiliate of CUTCO, the ​world’s finest cutlery. Since 1949, the products are American Made and Forever Guaranteed. Our specialists are a varied and fun-loving group of individuals who embody excellence and share a passion for personal and professional development. Family is very important, and we believe in creating a work environment that allows family to come first, but still provide a work environment that uniquely fosters professional and personal development.

Our specialists use their work experience as a vehicle to strengthen their financial security and transform their personal and professional lives, 


- Made in the USA, Forever Performance & Sharpness Guarantee

- Over 17 million customers, putting the product in approximately 1 out of 8 households in the nation

Cutco At Home

- Make your own schedule

- Earn extra income

- Set EITHER in-home or online socials

- Present high quality products (NO pressure sales environment)

- Coaching from the most experienced specialists



Our Positions include:

Positive Culture
Flexible Schedules
Great Income
Training & Development
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Ashley began her career in 2012 as an entry level sales representative, working part time around college courses in Orlando, FL. She quickly moved up the ranks in one of the top offices in the company (Orlando being a top 3 office nationally throughout Ashley's career there). She ran a branch office during the summer of 2014 in Citrus County, FL and then proceeded to take a career opportunity as the District Executive for Polk County, FL. During that time, her office was #17 in the nation for her category in 2015, and #1 for her category in Florida that following year.


In 2017, she found her calling as an Executive Specialist with Cutco’s new social program, Cutco at Home. Her vision for her team is to bring all of her previous sales/management experience to transform the current norm of Cutco at Home. Her passion is helping people grow personally and professionally and helping families. She loves that Cutco at Home gives people the chance to have a flexible schedule with great opportunity for both growth and income. 

Ashley Marie Rodriguez

"Cutco has always been my home, but with CAH, I've found my "family". I love helping families, and I look forward to helping families across the world start making meals matter."

Personal Sales: $210,000

Management Sales: $3 million + 

CAH Giving Back

Giving Back and

Community Involvement

Helping Haiti -

Angel Wings International


We are very passionate about our partnership with Angel Wings International. Ashley regularly goes on volunteer trips to Haiti every year for this organization, largely sponsored from our Cutco sales, and is passionate about bringing other volunteers as well.

Angel Wings International was founded in 2007 by a Cutco colleague, Andy Jeanty, to bring health and hope to those most in need of aid in the poorest country in our hemisphere, Haiti.

On November 12, 2010, just 10 months after the devastating earthquake hit Haiti, Angel Wings International broke ground on a permanent medical clinic in Haiti! Due to a lack of heavy machinery, the entire construction process was done by hand. Angel Wings was blessed to be able to hire loca for the excavation, bring work to this impoverished region, and to train-up and employ a local medical staff of aids, nurses, and doctors who run the day to day operations of the clinic in Haiti.


Other Partnerships


PB&J for USA

"PB&J for USA" is an effort to provide 600,000 meals to those less fortunate each year. Founded by a Cutco veteran, Mike Abramowitz, Cutco customers have the choice of donating food that volunteers use to provide meals to the homeless. Our target is 500 meals monthly at 100 locations across USA. 

Selling Smiles 101

Selling Smiles is a program developed by Professor Derek Hassay at the University of Calgary, which gives students the chance to apply classroom concepts by selling CUTCO to raise funds for the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada. To date, students have raised more than $225,000 for the program and have fulfilled 13 wishes!

Cutco's Student Program, Vector Marketing

- Awarded DECA's partner of year award, 2017

- References in 18 academic textbooks

- Highlighted by Business Insider

- $160k in scholarships awarded annually

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