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"Time for Change" is a book I co-authored, and a passionate project from Cutco colleague Sam Litrico and me. I want to see more people transform and elevate the quality of their personal relationships!  The "Kings & Queens" team is dedicated to personal growth, and I strongly encourage everyone on my team, to discuss and implement lessons from "Time for Change"    - Ashley Rodriguez


Our mission is to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone, put your pride aside and think, “If time stopped right now, would I be satisfied with the current state of my most treasured relationships?”

If your answer is no, or if you're looking for incredible and not just satisfying relationships, it is time to change and act NOW! Use this quick guide of challenges to determine which people in your life you would like to cultivate a better-quality relationship with.

Choose from our five categories: Family, Friends, Co-workers, Significant Other and Influencers.

Follow each step-by-step challenge and watch your relationships mend, develop and soar!

· Do you ever feel that there are people in your life to whom you're unable to express how much you care?

· Do you have relationships you would like to fix but aren't sure what to do?

· Which relationships do you need to strengthen beyond surface level interaction?

Completing this guide will generate personal awareness and call you to act upon the importance of your relationships. You will be given suggestions on how to use your time wisely, act with kindness, and leave nothing important unsaid. Each task is a step in the right direction to realizing it’s not about what we have in life, but WHO we have around us that matters most.

In the spirit of building relationships, we are not going to let you do this alone! We’ve built a community for you to connect, inspire and change with other readers following the same journey. Follow along with us on social media:

Instagram: @idareyou2change_

It’s time to change… starting NOW!

Personal Growth Assessments

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