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What do we do?

What kind of work will I be doing?


Cutco at Home is a party program geared toward adults who love Cutco! Our specialists schedule socials to introduce potential customers to CUTCO. This can happen in person, in a client’s home, or online! It’s not your ordinary 9 to 5 position, and we’ve found that people enjoy the flexibility and opportunity the position provides. 

How will I get trained?

Our training is online with the assistance of a Mentor. 



Are there any start-up costs?


Nope! Specialists are given a sample kit for free. The retail value of the contents is over $150. It includes everything a new Specialist needs to begin their business. Specialists can, at any time, choose to purchase the kit for $75, or they can own it for free after reaching $300 in sales!



How am I paid?


Our specialists earn commissions for sales made. They are paid weekly via direct deposit.

The commission rate is based on LIFETIME career sales. From $1-$2,000, they make 20%; from $2,001 to $10,000 is 25%, and $10,000+  is 30%.

Specialists can earn monthly team bonuses on their first, second and third level team members. They can also win monthly sales and mentoring contests, quarterly contests and incentive trips.

Do I have to carry inventory?

Nope! Our factory warehouse ships all orders to the customer via UPS.



How do I get appointments?


To get started, show Cutco to people you know to get some good practice. This will allow you to become comfortable with the process and make mistakes without worrying about it. In training, we teach you how to ask them for referrals, or leads, to others who might be interested in taking a look at Cutco. This process ensures that you’re always connected to a potential customer.



What will my schedule be like?


Your schedule is entirely up to you. As a specialist, you are able to set your own socials and determine how many you’ll complete each week. Don’t worry about things like minimum hours or unpredictable calendars; you can set your own schedule week-by-week based on when you’re available to work.


What does it take to be successful?

Successful specialists are committed, positive, and communicate frequently with their mentor. 


Still not sure?


No problem. You can still fill out an application, and someone will contact you who can help you with anything else!

Is Cutco At Home a "pyramid scheme"?

Simply stated: No. Quite the contrary actually. In a “pyramid scheme,” the company creates a payment structure where the salesperson’s most profitable route is to recruit other people (not sell product). In certain instances, the “bottom” salespeople actually lose money on the venture, through startup costs, inventory purchases, activation fees, etc. Cutco is an active member of the Direct Selling Association, and both frequently support anti-pyramid scheme legislation in Congress. 

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