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  • We have a partnership with Wellness Mats. They're the Cutco of floor mats and made in the USA!

  • Visit to see designs!

  • They are 3/4 of an inch thick and feel like standing on a cloud!

  • We have home and work designs available.

  • They come with a 20-year performance warranty!

  • They are non-slip and non-toxic (they are PCV-free)

  • Edges never curl

  • Puncture and heat resistant

  • Stain and dirt resistant

  • Easy to clean

  • Recyclable

  • Anti-microbial and sanitary

  • Most 3 by 2 feet mats are $130 and most 6 by 2 feet mats are $260

  • Not all designs are available through the Cutco partnership.

      • Designs are Antique, Estates, Original, Linen, and Granite





  • Do you drink coffee?

  • Do you usually buy it at a coffee shop or make your own?

  • Great, we also have a partnership with Utopian Coffee. They are the Cutco of coffee!

  • It is freshly roasted within days of being shipped. Not 4-9 months like most coffee available!

  • It is Organic certified and Fair Trade certified.

  • We use profits from this specific partnership to give back to projects to support women and farmers in South American and African countries.

  • You actually GET A DISCOUNT by getting the coffee through a Cutco rep instead of their website.

  • High quality gourmet coffee usually ranges from $20-30 per bag. However, this is only $17 per month for a 12-oz bag.

  • You can just try out a bag (light, medium, or dark) for $17. The company will contact you after to see if you'd like to make it a subscription!

  • Visit for more info!

Wellness Mats Price List

Utopian Coffee Price List

Cutco Cookware Price List

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